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Top Five Animated Shows

After making the last entry one on a band that only exist via illustrations and animated music videos, it only seems right to go on that same path and find a Top Five from it. So, I have arrived to a spot to give you my

Top Five Animated Shows

Cowboy Bebop – I knew the moment that I was going to start this list, I was going to include one anime series in the list. And every time I think of the pinnacle of what that medium can do,  Shinichirō Watanabe‘s masterpiece always comes first to mind. The show made legendary characters out of relatively stock ones, and the artistic style was just so crisp and smooth you couldn’t help but follow the ragtag crew of the Bebop as they went from bounty to bounty. Watanabe’s love for fusion, in this case for jazz and sci-fi (although his samurai/hip-hop one wasn’t so bad either), really set the mood for the show. It also doesn’t help that it was composed by the legendary Yoko Kanno, either. Read the rest of this entry