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Lost Mention: Res’ How I Do

In the last couple of months since I did my End of the Decade Edition of Top Fives, I’ve been going through my media library and finding things that might have slipped through the cracks in the whole malaise of writing them. This became very apparent to me when I added a couple of songs to my mp3 player from the album How I Do, by Res.

Released in June of 2001, this album epitomized, maybe even helped craft, my love for artists who take great experimental leaps in their work. The album has tried and true hip-hop,jazz, and soul influences that you would expect in an album that would want to classified as R&B, but the inclusion of alt-rock, psychedelia,folk, and reggae influences among others is what makes this album great.  The best part of this is, of course, is that this was her first album, so that she swung for the fences as hard as she did was impressive. Read the rest of this entry