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The Weekly Tumblr Dump – 4/4/14

This week’s Tumblr extravaganza includes new media quotes, LoL cosplay, retro music posters, funny haikus, and Blade.

Here’s a part of Laurie Penny’s on The Feted Future of New Media ( via Kieron Gillen’s tumblr):

Those who have the power right now, in tech but also to some extent in media, see themselves as rejects, weirdos fighting for their place, and there are reasons for that. The emotional patterning laid down in puberty is hard to shake. If you got used to being excluded, being left out, having to fight to survive because you were smart or nerdy or different or all three, that’s a mentality that stays with you. That sort of trauma can be useful later in life – it gives you stamina, drive, a determination to carry your ideas through against the odds, a hunger to prove yourself, fierce dedication to your fellow oddballs and weirdoes, and I could go on. But it is still trauma, and it comes with baggage. Part of which is that long after you’ve stopped being an outsider and instead become a privileged pillar of the new establisment, not only do you fail to notice, but when someone points it out to you, you get angry – you get reaaaally, really frustrated – because being an “outsider” has always been a forming part of your identity, and being told there are people further out than you is hard to handle.



Check out this amazing cosplay of Lucien, a champion from League of Legends. I got excited about seeing a black champion in that game, even though I’m not a particular fan of playing as him. Still, Those guns, man…




This retro posterization of Outkast is part of a series made by the Ads Libitum tumblr. There is another one of Andre 3000 all Uncle Sam’d out, along with Kanye, Daft Punk, Nirvana, and more.


I love the humorous poetry posted on Haikutes. They range from sex, relationships, and just random funny-ass stuff.



This is still  my favorite Blade quote, but Kris Kristoferson as Whistler wasn’t no slouch either: