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The Weekly Tumblr Dump – 3/28/14




From the post:

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is an entomopathogenic (it acts as a parasite and can kill or disable the host) fungus. It is known as the mind controlling fungi and in the 1st picture it can be seen growing out the head of a “zombie” ant in the Brazilian forest. It can control the behavioral patterns of the host it has attached onto. It takes control of an ant so it can move to an ideal location for the fungi to grow and spread its spores, after that it kills the ant.

I’ve always been a fan of this weird-ass organism. I know that it was used in The Last of Us, and I’d like to see it used in more fiction.




This comes from a series of photos taken by Jonathan Hobin. He took children and recreated horrible tragedies (like the Jonestown massacre above). There’s a 9/11 and JonBenet Ramsey one, of course, but I was surprised he made one for the Lady Diana death.



From an IndieWire interview with Robert Rodriguez about why he created the El Rey Network (via

When I was doing “Spy Kids,” the Weinsteins asked me — not that they were being jerks at all, they were just wondering — “Why are you making the characters Hispanic? It doesn’t make any sense, isn’t this supposed to be for everybody?” “Well, it’s based on my family.”




I love the original (probably listened to it hundreds of times when I was in junior high) and this spin on it is really goddamn good. I went on and listened to more of  Banks’ songs, and they are really good. I recommend “Before I Ever Met You”:

Top Fives Racial Stereotypes by Special Guest Kali Baker-Johnson

I’ll admit that when I came up with the idea for this Top Five, I thought this was going to piss off people. But then I remembered that there are enough people who loved Dave Chappelle and South Park to know how to take a joke, and went with it anyway. To my luck, I also have someone who is willing to take the hit and get all the hate e-mail (actually, I’ll still get them, but at least I know I wasn’t the one that they’re meant for). without further ado, here is my friend, Kali Baker-Johnson who is a part of the A Room Full of Monkeys blog . Big warning: this post has lots of profanity and, of course, racial slurs: Read the rest of this entry