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Wallace Stevens and other Links

Ryan Ruby’s article on poet Wallace Stevens and how his imagination superseded that classic need to be a roustabout like the Beat poets is a pretty good one (Courtesy of More Intelligent Life). Oddly enough, I spent some time yesterday in the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, and I wondered at the level of discomfort a “square” like Stevens would have had in there, especially during the Howl days.

In another stroke of coincidence, the bookstore was at the edge of Chinatown, which reminded me of a Lev Navrozov¬† article on why China will rule the US. In my opinion, it’s a very alarmist and seems to be pandering to the Glenn Beck set, but it did pop two images into my mind:


And to cap it off, I want to help out Doug Williams in his continued quest to work with Neill Blomkamp. It doesn’t hurt that his art is pretty cool too.