Derailed While On The Hunt for Modern Latino Poets

While trying to ramp up my Spanish poetry writing, I decided to get my hands on some more contemporary Latino poetry.  I found some great work from Francisco X. Alarcon which can be found here. There is also the enigmatically named aguijonmagico who, despite not really being that lyrically astute, is pretty adventurous with his references to Sarte and Birdman  (more of his stuff here). If you really want to go for a poetic name drop, however, look no further than Luis Chaves, who wrote a book a poems and titled it under Cat Power’s real name. He even went so far as to write a poem whose title translates to “Free Translation of an Unreleased Track by Chan Marshall”. There are more poets here in case you’re interested, I’m probably going to be referencing some of the cooler ones as I go through them.

What really got me off the path was when I found the work of Sergio Badilla. He started the poetic transrealism movement, which is vastly different than this manifesto that I found for its literary counterpart. If you’re a sci-fi fan, you should read it, it’s a pretty interesting take on how stories can be written.

To top off my complete derailment, here’s a link to Calexico’s beautiful cover of Goldfrapp’s Human, en español:


2 thoughts on “Derailed While On The Hunt for Modern Latino Poets

  1. Onibas says:

    Have you ever heard the works of Juan-Roberto Jose de Reyes of Meckdonalles? Such a revolutionary latino poet. He is an excerpt of his famous work “The Golden Arches, My New Home”

    I open me eyes, I tink I see sumting dere
    It look gold and bright, my eye want to stare
    I hopda de fence, and ran wit delight
    These golden arches, a welcoming sight
    I opened de door, and talk to da meng
    He said 5.50, I said que
    He give me de broom, I know how to use
    I sleep near freezer, I no get abused
    These golden arches, keep me warm at night
    I am happy, with my new life.

    Beautiful, isnt it?

  2. Dear Mister Jesus Fesus Bo Besus:

    I’m more than honored, I’m thrilled, I’m ecstatic, I’m beamed up, fullfilled with unspeakeble joy for being mentioned here, in you post ON CURRENT LATINAMERICAN POETRY.
    I’m like “wow!, I’m a current latinamerican poet!!!!
    Tears of happinness are running righ know on my face.
    Gotta go, my keyboard got on fire, it got shortcircuited because of the tearasgnaldkmnb aldbadx-mb ax,.badl{hber

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