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Top Five Animated Shows

After making the last entry one on a band that only exist via illustrations and animated music videos, it only seems right to go on that same path and find a Top Five from it. So, I have arrived to a spot to give you my

Top Five Animated Shows

Cowboy Bebop – I knew the moment that I was going to start this list, I was going to include one anime series in the list. And every time I think of the pinnacle of what that medium can do,  Shinichirō Watanabe‘s masterpiece always comes first to mind. The show made legendary characters out of relatively stock ones, and the artistic style was just so crisp and smooth you couldn’t help but follow the ragtag crew of the Bebop as they went from bounty to bounty. Watanabe’s love for fusion, in this case for jazz and sci-fi (although his samurai/hip-hop one wasn’t so bad either), really set the mood for the show. It also doesn’t help that it was composed by the legendary Yoko Kanno, either.

Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny. Daffy Duck. Porky Pig. Speedy Gonzales ( I know, he’s not as recognized as Taz, but I’m trying to put up my Latinos here). I could go on and on about the iconic characters that have come out of the cartoons from the Warner Brothers. Screwball antics, high drama, romantic flights of fancy; you name the idea, I’m pretty sure that Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, and Chuck Jones have thought and drawn it up.

Gargoyles – This is going to be a tough sell, but bear with me. Remember first of all that this show was made from Disney, who is not one to really deviate from any norm that isn’t the Mouse or princesses or what have you (I mean, until Pixar and Jack Sparrow). For them to greenlight a cartoon based on grotesque creatures is pretty adventurous. Then add to the fact that the story combines NY procedural drama and Shakespeare along with mythology and high fantasy, and still make a great show, and you have one of the most ambitious show for children, ever. Oh, and for all you geeks, a lot of cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation were voices of characters on it.

The Simpsons – This is still the standard, ladies and gentlemen. Despite its constant criticism of losing it’s touch and luster over the years, Matt Groening‘s show about a yellow-colored family from Springfield opened up the  possibilities of what can be done on TV and made itself into an institution.  All of its characters have become iconic to the point of worldwide acclaim and overwhelming cultural domination. Ask yourself, how many times in your life have you said “D’oh!”?

Batman: The Animated Series – With a mix of gothic Art Deco style developed by Bruce Timm with excellent storytelling by Paul Dini, along with new characters that fit the mythos so well they actually get added into the comics, and you have the premiere action animated show of all time.

Honorable Mentions

South Park
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Dexter’s Laboratory
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Dragon Ball
Monkey Dust
Clone High
Beavis and Butthead
Ren And Stimpy
The Flintstones
The Tick
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Tom And Jerry
Astro Boy
Mobile Suit Gundam
Samurai Jack
Pinky And The Brain
Jonny Quest


14 thoughts on “Top Five Animated Shows

  1. Gargoyles? Seriously, Gargoyles? Talk about a list that just took a nosedive into the invalid end.

    There isnt even a nod to FullMetal Alchemist? Not even an honorable mention for The Last Airbender? BUT GARGOYLES? Yikes.

    My personal Top 5, in no particular order.

    1. Batman
    2. Dragon Ball/Z
    3. Transformers: Beast Wars (Full CG-animated series, def. was the bomb)
    4. Beavis and Butthead
    5. South Park

    Nice nod to Space Ghost, that show seems to go unnoticed quite often.

    • jesusgaray says:

      DBZ honestly doesn’t age well for an anime. It also has all the same problems a lot of anime shows have, the first one being needlessly dragging out sequence over the course of episodes. Ten minutes of the destruction of Namek took at least 12 episodes.

      I already mentioned a full CG series in my mentions, it was called ReBoot. That was ten times better than Beast Wars, which I also watched.

      As far as Gargoyles, the fact that it even AIRED is a testament to how good that show is. It had a lot going under the surface, which for a geeky kid like me was great.

      And without the Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead and South Park wouldn’t exist. Done deal.

      Good call on not mentioning Full Metal, though. As far as Avatar, I haven’t watched enough to have that informed an opinion, although from the few eps I have watched I have found to be entertaining.

      • ReBoot is indeed a classic, but does not compare to Beast Wars. Did ReBoot even have a storyline? Here might be a comparative synopsis:

        Run, Run, Run, Jump, Evil Polygon, Jump-Attack, Run, End.

        Beast Wars won an Emmy, a fucking Emmy man.

  2. Rob Marinaro AKA flex mentalo AKA that guy says:

    ummm… like … No disrespect but Gargoyles is for squares. Might as well be a dragon like raping a lion on like a mini bike or sumtin. As well as in addition to umm this list there umm are a few that were either umm more influential cartoons/ better.

      • Rob Marinaro AKA flex mentalo AKA that guy says:

        Almost identical really. Some order shifted and no gargoyles.

        Loney Tunes
        Cowboy Beepop
        Space Ghost C2C
        Batman TAS

        Honestly I can see Space Ghost being replaced by the flinstones, or Venture Brothers, but its just so good and influential. Had 2 direct spin offs the lesser cartoon planet and Brak show. Started Adult Swim on its own. AS starting line up was Aquateen, Brak show, Harvey birdman, and all utilized the same animation style. (same could be said for Sealab 2021) Indirectly brought back futurama and Family guy ( through adult swim). In addition I havent seen another show like it (animated talk show).

      • Rob Marinaro AKA flex mentalo AKA that guy says:

        also don’t get me wrong I love Gargolyes (its in the top 10 for sure)

  3. haley says:

    Personally, I agree with your choices for the top 5, though my list probably wouldn’t include The Simpsons. I didn’t grow up with the show, and I’ve never really been able to get into it. I do tip my hat to the various and numerous achievements of The Simpsons (and the fact that the movie premiered in my hometown? Very awesome).

    Also, Gargoyles most definitely deserves to be in the top five for all the reasons you mentioned, and so many more. The story and the world were so vibrant, it’s a pity that the comic series never really amounted to anything as far as continuing the story.

    • jesusgaray says:

      Actually, I still can enjoy some of the classics. I still shout “KILL THE WABBIT!” sometimes. Those characters have staying power.

  4. Toph says:

    Cowboy Bebop was a given.

    I’m glad you actually included Looney Tunes. A show so classic and timeless that it’s still shown to children today. They haven’t yet proven cartoon violence is what screwed up our generation, so there’s a plus.

    I never watched Gargoyles, so I can’t really comment on it’s worth as a show. Although I do have a couple friends from back home that swear by it, so I’ll have to take your word.

    While The Simpsons is also a classic, I wouldn’t have put it on my personal top 5. I like it, and it’s insanely influential, but I’ve seen better.

    Batman: TAS is also really good, it probably deserves it’s spot.

    Also, here’s another “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T EVEN MENTION MY OBSCURE FAVORITE SHOW” call-out: Ghost in the Shell: SAC. I know you’ve mentioned on multiple occasions you loved that show. I’m just going to assume you forgot.

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