Thoughts on Tumblr, Google Plus and Wolves

I jumped into the   Tumblr wave a few months back, which should explain why this has gone on radio silence for a while. It’s a must faster delivery system in that you can click on one icon, put down a blurb (or in the case of The New Inquiry, something larger) and while it does have its drawbacks ( the MB capacity for songs could be just a little bit higher)I’ve racked up at least 5 times the  posts I have here in the span of  2 months.

There are some things that do bother me, however. Reblogging is a really cool idea, but people are putting things up without filling out that part right above the tags. You know, that part that says CONTENT SOURCE. Jamie McKelvie said it best himself on a post in his tumblog. Give credit where credit is due.

Like many kids growing up in the age of the World Wide Web, AOL, and Napster, I had my own little  angst-filled journal, filled with stories of friends with nicknames for each of them in fear that someone will read it like Big Brother didn’t already have my SSN. Since then I’ve grown from angst to full on rage to self-medicated annoyance, but it’s amusing to see myself slowly verging into internet “get off my lawn” territory. The deeper i go into Tumblr-land the more I find these emo/pothead/”Alt” teenage diaries. In most other platforms it’s easy to dismiss them, but they put up one interesting article or image, and they trick one into going to their  tumblog with its crappy song embedded on it and a wall of GPOY. Then I remember that I did pretty similar things myself (without the music, I knew better) and I should just leave them be until they become superstars or cancer patients.

Another point: those annoying goddamned memes are so visible on the dashboard page. I now understand why Sarah Palin went wolf hunting. She wanted to kill all the Insanity/Courage/WTF Wolves that posted by  thousands. However, this is Palin we’re talking about; she doesn’t know that the internet isn’t a series of tubes that go along with the Trans-Alaskan pipeline. For the love of god internet dwellers, stop making these little lupine self-help fortune cookies (the 4chan troll face is pretty cool though).

Google+, while I’m not fanatically cheering about it and trying to get people on-board, still hasn’t changed the fact that my user time on it is increasing. I won’t jump ship anytime soon, as  Facebook isn’t the hot mess that Myspace was and is still has a massive fanbase (750 million at the time of this post. In a lot of respects, while it’s easy for those with existing Google accounts , I wonder how long it’ll be until the Yahoo!/Hotmail crowd creeps into the clean + page, filling it with baby photos and passive aggressive status posts.I just hope Google doesn’t sell out and put games on this.


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